About Us

Redpaths Furniture
Your home is your haven and reflection of your life, your memorable 
experiences for family and friends and the place you most cherish.
Redpaths Furniture will have you covered by helping you furnish your dream home and express your unique style, whether you are furnishing your entire home or simply adding to a room.


Redpaths Furniture has something to suit every room, every taste and of course every budget. From classic to contemporary and everything in between you'll find furniture you're looking for at a price that's just as appealing.


We are passionate about serving you with the highest standards of excellence with knowledgeable and professional sales staff and  delivery service.


We provide a excellent delivery service, making sure your furniture finds it's way into your desired room.


Choose from our wide range of furniture now and see us at our  store in New Lynn - opposite the New Lynn Transport Centre or call 0800 furniture